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I was raised where sport was an essential part of lifestyle which drove me to achieve brilliant results including representing Lithuania in Water Polo. At 17 I began training with World and European bodybuilding champions who coached and advised me on how to train and achieve best results. Training for almost 10 years pushed me to become a personal trainer and share my knowledge and experience with clients. My training sessions are fun and enjoyable, keeping my clients motivated throughout the training process.


During the consultation and first training session I identify points of weakness and then design a workout to help achieve the goal in the shortest period of time. This approach has helped me to work with people of different ages, fitness levels and backgrounds and helped them achieve excellent results.


”I can attest that Arthur Gadjevsky is an excellent personal trainer. I have been trained by many personal trainers over almost 30 years and never had I had such good results so quickly or so much fun doing the exercises”
Michael Crawcour
”Artur knows exactly how to work the whole body out, very knowledgeable and doesn’t let me get away with anything!”
Bobby Jennings


  • Reps Level 3 in Personal Training
  • Reps Nutrition for Sports
  • Reps Ante Natal
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