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For as long as I can remember I have always been active, playing sports and just enjoying life. Being a rugby player at representative level in South Africa introduced me to training at an early age. Weight and endurance training helped me on and off the playing field. I took this love of fitness and have now been a personal trainer for 5 years. My goal as a personal trainer is to motivate, inspire, and educate others about the benefits of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. I’m here to provide encouragement, confidence, motivation, and strength, to help you reach your fitness goals!


I believe in hard work and dedication in order to accomplish fitness goals. By utilising a comprehensive consultation procedure to ascertain your health history and fitness goals, I can readily design a customised personal training program just for you. My training style emphasizes proper movement form and efficient technique. Learning how to let your muscles control the weight and not the other way around is of the utmost importance during the performance of resistance training.


“I have been training with Jason for six months and it has been the best investment I have made in 10 years. The training is carefully managed, original, progressive, well thought through and highly rewarding; the results for me brilliant. Jasonʼs individually tailored client training programmes are excellent and his memory for where you are remarkable. Having previously worked with and graded military training instructors I would rate Jason as the very best.”
Major Edward Jones


  • Reps level 3 trainer
  • Boxercise instructor
  • Suspension training specialist
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