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Mark Lucas

Speciality Areas

Flexibility & Posture Correction

Circuit Training for Fat Loss

Strength Training


As a former competitive gymnast Iʼve always been fascinated by the way the human body moves, and how it can adapt and change with the right kind of exercise and good nutrition. Most people train aimlessly and wonder why they never see results – thatʼs what inspired me to become a personal trainer to share everything I know about getting fit. I soon realised that every person has their own set of aches, pains and mechanical imbalances. Knowing how to strengthen areas of weakness and get people training injury free is how I like to add value.


Every workout should start with muscle release and activation techniques to prepare the body for work. Going in cold could mean limited range of movement and potential for overcompensation or injury. Knowing the most effective training strategies and techniques, and making every repetition count, will get you to your goal faster.


  • Sport and Exercise Science Diploma (Reebok University, South Africa)
  • REPS Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer (Premier International, UK)
  • Optimum Performance Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA)
  • Equinox Fitness Training Institute (Equinox Health Club, UK)
Mark Lucas


“I’d been going to the gym for a few years and was getting frustrated with not seeing results. Markʼs technical approach to training has taught me so much about how the human body works, and how it reacts to the right kind of exercise and diet. No workout is ever the same and he works on muscles I never knew I had before. I’m leaner, fitter and stronger than ever.”
James Holloman – Managing Director, Green & Blacks

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