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I have enjoyed sport from childhood and played Gaelic football and Hurling. This foundation developed an interest in exercise and performance. I pursued this interest academically, attaining an Active IQ Diploma in Personal Training. Eight years on I am committed to increasing my knowledge; continually reading, researching and developing new ideas, obtaining further qualifications, and have just completed an 18-month Nutrition Coach internship/mentoring program. This qualification gives me the skills to optimise your nutritional needs and training. My training technique is a hybrid of extensive knowledge and specially adapted sport-related coaching ideas, keeping things fun, varied and most importantly – ensuring you achieve your goals!!


Before you start out on any health and fitness journey you need to ask yourself are you willing to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to obtain your desired results, one of the main changes in 90% of people is nutrition – “you canʼt out train a bad diet”


“Patrick is an exceptional trainer and a firm friend. He is the reason Iʼve lost 3.5 stone and have an energy that nearly prompts me to take up rugby again! Each session is carefully thought through and he is, quite simply, brilliant at what he does. Heʼs not afraid to push me to try for the next level. Patrick delivers results quickly and is someone who clearly loves what he does. I cannot commend him more highly.”
Stephen Ferguson


  • Body Type Nutrition Coach
  • ISSN Diploma in Exercise and Sports Nutrition (in progress)
  • RKC kettlebell Coach
  • Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • UK Strength and Conditioning Association -Olympic Lifting
  • Level 1 Crossfit Coach
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