The Spa for All Seasons: Announcing Upcoming Features

A visit to The Spa in Dolphin Square is a feast for all senses. Even when you are popping in for a quick Studio treatment, you can’t help but be immersed in the sights and sounds of the place and be transported to another realm.

But The Spa is more than an occasional escape. You might not be able to take Hammam with you, but there is no reason your experience should fade once you set foot outside our threshold. And so, we are transforming our online presence to be a natural extension and expression of our core principles and philosophy.

Join us in this journey, and we will stimulate your mind, fire up your imagination, and inspire you to be well and spa well.

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Here is but a taste of what is coming:

  • Explore the ancient traditions that inspired us, and uncover the genesis of the Rituals that are at the core of The Spa in Dolphin Square experience.
  • Hear from our amazing partners and find out what is special about the bespoke teas and soap that are created for us.
  • Learn about the ingredients within the treatments, where they come from, and what properties made us choose them for The Spa.
  • Be the first to hear about the new treatments we are introducing to The Spa - and we have something very special coming very soon!
  • Have a chance to spa more, by participating in our exclusive offers and giveaways (and you will want to check back here on 27 April 2012).  
  • If you use Socila Media, starting from 26 April we will be publishing wellness & beauty tips every Thursday on our Facebook page ( 
  • Have a question? Drop us a line, and we will love helping you. Not sure what treatment to choose? How about a bespoke recommendation right to your inbox?

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