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Drinking tea and coffee is part of the social fabric of Morocco. Being able to spend time relaxing on your own, or with friends, quietly sipping tea is becoming a rare experience in our frenetic lives. When you do get the opportunity we believe in the therapeutic benefits of the right blend of tea or coffee to suit your mood.

All of our teas are personally sourced and blended for The Spa by Master Tea Blender, Alex Probyn who specialises in creating bespoke blends that are not available anywhere else!

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To celebrate the essence of Morocco, your choice of our Moroccan inspired signature and infusion teas with Moroccan Chebakia, delicate pastries and cakes, accompanied with dates, apricots and pistachios.


Indulge in whatever makes you go mmm! Select your choice of tea or coffee, or if you desire; a cocktail, glass of Champagne or wine, and then choose an ‘mmm!’ to suit from cakes and crumpets to sorbets or Moroccan nibbles.