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Summer Ready Fitness: Week 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to your Summer Ready Fitness Tabata Challenge. It’s been two weeks since we started our SRF, so it’s time to step it up!  


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Spa Review: Arabian Back, Face and Scalp Massage

Arabian Back, Face and Scalp Massage Who is it for: Those who want to achieve complete relaxation and a new found confidence in being bare faced Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes Cost: £119 I’d never thought about spending my cash on a spa treatment before. I’m terrible with money. It burns like a candlewick, bringing a dash […]

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Summer Ready Fitness: Week 2

Welcome back guys, to your 4 week summer fit plan! To recap: In week one, we demonstrated upper body (dips) and lower body (squat) work outs, so this week we’re focusing on the core. Core exercises are an essential component to a well-rounded fitness program. Apart from the odd sit-up and pushup, exercising the core is often […]

London Fitness Club

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The Cutting Edge: Collum Hair, Dolphin Square

This week, we went to visit Collum Hair, a hidden hairdressing gem nestled in the heart of Dolphin Square. Collum Hair has been an integral part of the square for over seventeen years, so we decided to sit in front of the mirror and talk cuts, colour and being ‘classy not brassy‘ with director, Sarah Jane […]


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Summer Ready Fitness: Week 1

Ladies and gents, welcome to your 4 week ‘Summer Ready’ fitness program. Each week we’ll be taking you through an initial step by step guide to getting in shape. Don’t worry, you’re in the capable hands of Dolphin Fitness Club’s fantastic Personal Trainer, Karen Lucia Speciality Areas Fat Loss; Strength and Conditioning; Mobility and Flexibility Background […]

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Food for thought: Tips for Picnics

With the first official day of summer behind us, the season for Alfresco dining has officially begun. And there’s no better way to celebrate our favourite season than a picnic in the park, soaking up the rays with a few tasty treats and a bottle of wine. With the help of our head chef at […]


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We Love…

It’s the fun-filled, festival of flowers that everyone’s been waiting for – this weekend saw Londoners flock to the city’s green spaces, as they celebrated Open Garden Squares. The magical two-day event offered access to over 200 gardens across 25 London boroughs, and range from the traditional and historical, to the new and experimental. If you […]


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Spa Review: Warmth of the Sands Rescue Massage

Who is it for: Ideal for first time spa-goers looking for a soothing and relaxing experience or for those training or into fitness. Duration & Cost: 45 minutes – £55, 85 minutes – £90 Therapist: Cynthia Bastoul Being a spa novice, when I first heard about lava shell treatments, I was a bit perplexed. “Do you mean shells […]

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The Spa in Dolphin Square offers a relaxing haven for cancer sufferers

Cancer and Spas has been a hot topic in the industry recently as many spas are wary of taking bookings from cancer patients. However, this is slowly changing as more spas are now catering to people going through this difficult time. The Spa in Dolphin Square is dedicated to ensuring people suffering from cancer have a […]


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Dolphin Bar & Grill celebrates Vegetarian Week

To celebrate Vegetarian Week and the arrival of warmer days, Dolphin Bar & Grill’s head chef Jean Jacques Belmain shares his favourite refreshing cold soup recipes. Honey Roast Parsnip Soup Ingredients 600g Parsnips 1 Large Onion 75cl Milk 75cl Water 1tbsp Honey 2 Rosemary Sprigs 1 tbsp Vegetable Stock Salt, Pepper Method Peel the parsnip & […]


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A Moment With…Open Garden Squares

Chelsea Flower Show planted the seed for garden-lovers this week and the capital is set to bloom in June, when Open Garden Squares Weekend reveals over 200 gardens to explore in a magical two-day event. Gardens range from the historic and traditional, to new and experimental, and can be discovered across 25 London boroughs. We […]


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Spa Review: Journey of the Spices

Who is it for: Ideal for first time spa-goers looking for a complete head to toe experience or a seasoned spa guest seeking relaxation and a smooth and glowing complexion Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes Cost: £199 Therapist: Cynthia Bastoul It’s raining, my phone is ringing, I’m trying to juggle an umbrella, my handbag and […]


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A Day in the Life…

Have you ever wondered what its like to work at one of London’s most exclusive addresses? This week, we sat by an open set of doors in Dolphin Bar & Grill, sipped an americano, and spoke to Dolphin Square’s Marketing Manager, Ricardo Faria Ornelas, who crafts, creates and oversees the marketing initiatives that happen around the Square. […]

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Healing Prowess of Himalayan Bath Salts

Do you know that the detox effect of having a warm Himalayan salt bath is equivalent to fasting for three whole days? Renowned for its therapeutic effects, the pure salt is extracted from crystallised sea salt beds found deep within the Himalayas and has a rich ionic mineral content. Through the process of dermal absorption, our skin soaks up […]

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New Arabian Beard Ritual at The Spa in Dolphin Square launching in June

For years, the clean shaven metrosexual has ruled the runway with his sharp suit, parted hair and smooth appearance, however the prevalence of todays hipster has proven to be a game changer and with it, the rise in his most treasured accessory – the beard. The “Beard Boom” is very much underway which is why we are delighted to announce […]


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Start to Run with Lifting City

Following the recent London marathon, the capital’s pavements have become a haven for running enthusiasts. For those of us who are at the beginning of our running career Start to Run, a fitness concept created by personal trainer (and the delightful) Karen Lucia, eases novices into a 5 week running regime. Whatever your aim, whether it’s […]


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Spa Review – Muscle Release

Spa Treatment: Muscle Release Spa: Spa in Dolphin Square Reviewer: The Spa Novice Therapist: Grace Time: 1 hour As a man who has never experienced a spa day, the concept of treating myself to a spa treatment is alien. Hearing talk of see-through pants, communal massages and walking around semi-nude filled me with panic. That said, […]


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We Love…

  This month, we’ve been dreaming about the new spring menu, sipping on smoothies (and less-healthy cocktails) and enjoying sprinklings of sunshine. Taking advantage of this glorious heatwave, residents of Dolphin Square have been enjoying the gardens as they begin to bloom, with white roses and blossom trees, the splashing fountain and benches hidden behind ivy-covered lattices. […]


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42 Elizabeth Street: Jo Loves

Elizabeth Street – a pretty street nestled in the heart of Pimlico, peppered with pink fronted shops – is worth a wander when you have a spare, sunny sunday afternoon in London. We went along to Jo Loves, hidden on a quiet corner of Elizabeth Street, for a spot of tapas – fragrance tapas, that is. […]


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Dolphin Bar & Grill’s head chef Jean Jacques Belmain shares the recipe for the perfect dish to eat the night before the London marathon

It’s the final countdown to the London Marathon – less than a week to go! Dolphin Bar & Grill’s head chef Jean Jacques Belmain shares the recipe for the Superfood salad – the perfect dish to eat the night before the race. High in fibre and protein, this nutty quinoa salad is a great source […]

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Dolphin Square celebrates spring with a new seasonal menu

Dolphin Bar & Grill celebrates spring with a new seasonal menu expertly crafted by head chef Jean-Jacques Belmain. Packed with the freshest ingredients, the menu features British classics as well as grilled meats and seafood and Asian-inspired dishes – the Duck breast, shitake mushroom, pak choi and chilli served with orange sauce is a chef’s favourite. There are also […]


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The Road to Success: Our Hot Tips to Running

Spring has arrived, which can only mean one thing – it’s running season. Cherry blossom isn’t the only thing to hit the pavements as the upcoming months see a stampede of runners paving the roads in aid of fitness and charity. With a staggering 57,000 participants crossing the Paris marathon’s finishing line on the 6th April and […]


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Three Best…Home Workouts with Philippe

Dolphin Fitness Club’s Personal Trainer  puts readers through their paces. Philippe demonstrates his top three lower body and body weight workouts. Engaging your core and lower body muscles, these exercises are perfect for toning. Follow us for more top tips! Dolphin Square Twitter – Facebook Philippe Ndongmo Twitter – Facebook – Instagram        


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