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We are extremely excited to announce that on the 15th of October, Central London’s first Pool-Biking classes will launch here at Dolphin Square.

This intense 45 minute aquAllure water work-out will take place daily at Dolphin Square’s Fitness Club, during which up to 800 calories can be burned per session.
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This fitness trend currently taking Europe and New York by storm, combines the principles of stationary cycling with the soothing powers of water. These new group classes are suitable for all levels of ability, and individuals can also participate at their own pace. Exercising in water also has the added advantage of no muscle soreness the following day.

This type of exercise is suitable for pregnant women, people living with heart disease, high level athletes and those recovering from injuries. Classes are also extremely beneficial for those looking to burn fat, reduce cellulite, tone up and lose weight. Other benefits of this low-impact cardiovascular work-out include improved aerobic endurance, increased breathing capacity, blood flow, flexibility and recovery.
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Want to try for yourself?

Pool-Biking in London in awesome

The cost per class is £20. Non-members can also pay an additional £5 for access to Dolphin Fitness Club’s gym facilities. However, if you book in for more than one class, prices will be less than £20 per session. For more information about pricing and to book your place call: 020 7798 8686.
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  1. Nevy Neshkova says:


    I am interested in booking a hydro-class for two people.

    Can I enquire about the availability for classes over the next 2 weeks, for classes after 6pm on weekdays and weekend availability (any time on weekends)?


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