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Three Reasons to: Swim

Our Feeling Fit fanatic visits Dolphin Square Fitness Club’s beautifully designed, 17 metre swimming pool to find out why you should swap your scarf for a pair of swimming shorts, and head inside for a spot of breast stroke. While the weather is still a little chilly, and going out for a run seems a […]

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A Day in the Life | An Ironman

Let us set the scene; you’re at the starting line, your heart is racing, blood pumping, and you’re about to embark on a gruelling test of endurance, stamina and strength; an Ironman – a 2.4 mile swim and an 112 mile cycle, topped off with a marathon. Juan Garcia, personal trainer at Dolphin Fitness Club, […]

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Three Reasons to: Spin

Our Feeling Fit fanatic chats to class instructor, Eleonora, to find out why you should leave your hats, coats and gloves at the door this winter season, and give spinning a shot. It’s January, which means you’ve probably splashed out on a new pair of running shoes, protein and a packet of sports socks. But, […]

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Your Fitness Resolution

As the Christmas decorations are carefully boxed away, the start of the year leaves one last thing to be unwrapped  – the “new year, new me” resolutions. ‘It’s the time of year when we swear an oath to banish the bad habits and focus on improving our health and fitness. January is the month that sees a boom […]

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Pilates at Calmer Clinics in Dolphin Square

Did you know that Pilates has something to offer people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness? From beginners to elite athletes, we’ve recently noticed a rise in popularity in Pilates, so we decided to catch up with Pilates instructor, Christie-Anne at Calmer Clinics in Dolphin Square to find out more about the […]

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Five of the best: Winter fitness tips from five of the best Instagram & YouTube influencers

With winter well and truly on its way, motivating yourself to put down the hot coco and, instead, lift weights is not an easy task. After all, winter’s about being cosy… isn’t it? But with these five fitness experts providing simple and effective exercises to banish the belly and wobbly bits, it’s pretty hard not […]

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