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Spa Review: Arabian Back, Face and Scalp Massage

Arabian Back, Face and Scalp Massage Who is it for: Those who want to achieve complete relaxation and a new found confidence in being bare faced Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes Cost: £119 I’d never thought about spending my cash on a spa treatment before. I’m terrible with money. It burns like a candlewick, bringing a dash […]

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Healing Prowess of Himalayan Bath Salts

Do you know that the detox effect of having a warm Himalayan salt bath is equivalent to fasting for three whole days? Renowned for its therapeutic effects, the pure salt is extracted from crystallised sea salt beds found deep within the Himalayas and has a rich ionic mineral content. Through the process of dermal absorption, our skin soaks up […]

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New Arabian Beard Ritual at The Spa in Dolphin Square launching in June

For years, the clean shaven metrosexual has ruled the runway with his sharp suit, parted hair and smooth appearance, however the prevalence of todays hipster has proven to be a game changer and with it, the rise in his most treasured accessory – the beard. The “Beard Boom” is very much underway which is why we are delighted to announce […]


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Dolphin Square celebrates spring with a new seasonal menu

Dolphin Bar & Grill celebrates spring with a new seasonal menu expertly crafted by head chef Jean-Jacques Belmain. Packed with the freshest ingredients, the menu features British classics as well as grilled meats and seafood and Asian-inspired dishes – the Duck breast, shitake mushroom, pak choi and chilli served with orange sauce is a chef’s favourite. There are also […]


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