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Working in one of the world’s most dynamic cities certainly has its perks. Being on the doorstep of London’s world-class restaurants, bars and theatres post-work offers the chance to really get the most out of the city. But at what cost?

London West End by Mr Andy Bird
Working in London means you need to get into London, and the costs for commuters can be steep. This is currently a hot topic for Londoners and a recent article in the London Evening Standard states that when you add up the costs of living outside of London, although the rents may be lower, the cost of living may actually be higher because of the travel costs involved: “Commuting from Cambridge is on average, more expensive than living in Kensington”.

Train by coolfreshair Train by pfig
As well as the possible additional cost implications of living out of town, there is also the journey time to take into consideration, at the beginning and end of every day. Long commutes, especially during winter can really take its toll and leaving and arriving home in the dark can add to the drag of a long day.

So, if you haven’t considered living in London, because you think you can’t afford it, then it is definitely worth some more research. Here at Dolphin Square many of London’s landmarks are within walking and cycling distance, meaning you can swap the tube and train for a healthy stroll to work.

Ebury Pimlico by Ewan-M Tate Britain by Bods Mozart Square by Loz Flowers
What’s more is that here in SW1 you don’t need to give up the perks of living in a village either:

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