Dolphin Square SW1

Walking past, you might be forgiven for thinking it is simply another block of London flats. But what wonders lie behind those walls….Some of the staff at Dolphin Square share its hidden secrets:

Darren Jikiemi, Head Chef, Dolphin Bar and Grill

For someone who doesn’t know Dolphin Square, what kind of hidden secrets are here?

In the middle of a busy bustling London, you’ve got tranquility here. Fabulous gardens. You’ve got a gym. You’ve got a swimming pool. You’ve got a Moroccan Spa. Everything you want to help you relax is here – you’ve just got to find it. Or, if I reverse that, we’ve just got to let people know it’s here.

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Neil Miller-Chalk, General Manager

What are the more surprising features of Dolphin Square?

One I suppose which is a lesser known thing is our little shopping arcade we’ve got hidden away. I think there’s seven or eight shops in there.

The shooting range, which is hidden away in the basement, I believe it used during the war for shooting practice.

We have, say, three and a half acres of garden. I believe we’ve got the only croquet lawn in London, which overlooks the Thames as does our tennis court.

There is a well, a borehole, which goes down to the water table. I believe it is the only remaining working artesian well in London. What that means is we’re very environmentally friendly because we don’t draw our water from the main supply, we draw it from London’s water table which stops it from rising. We treat it all on site and it’s environmentally sound – it’s well water, as it were.

The Shopping Arcade in Dolphin Square London

Carol Godfrey, Finance Executive and Dolphin Square’s Longest Serving Employee

What would you say are the little hidden secrets within the square?

The spa is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been down there to see it since it’s been built but I’ve never actually had any treatments. But it looks really gorgeous. That is the best it’s ever been.

The Spa in Dolphin Square

Michael Deville, Head Gardener

Describe one hidden secret within the garden?

I think the yellow roses actually. Any flower that can stop people in their tracks just smelling them, I think that’s it. You’ll see people walking through the garden, taking it all in and all of a sudden see them stop and having to smell – just an old fashioned English fragrance like that. That’s special and I think that’s a secret, because nobody knows about it until it actually whacks them in the face. That’s brilliant.

Yellow Rose



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