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We are delighted to announce that our partner, Calmer Clinics, will be hosting a free lunch time Golf and Wellness seminar on Wednesday 25th September from 1 – 2pm.

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Resident Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise specialist, Stuart Green will be explaining how posture and muscle tightness can affect your golf game, ball flight and set up. He will also be offering up a host of tips to improve your game and maintain good physical health.  Believe it or not, Golf is an athletic activity. When you drive the ball, the effort produced is the same as lifting a weight four times before complete failure. The stress on the spine as well as other joints makes being in peak physical condition imperative.

Did you know….

– 63% of golfers suffer from back pain and 30% of PGA professionals are playing injured.

– Biomechanical studies have shown that a golf swing can fracture vertebrae if the muscle surrounding the spine does not protect it. This is why a strong core is important.

– The average amateur golf score 15-20 years ago was 16.2, today the average is 16.2 even with all the technological advancements. So how can we change this?

–  Having poor posture during the golf swing both decreases your ability torotate effectively as well as increases your risk of injury. In this seminar you will learn simple fixes that can give immediate results.

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Stuart Green is a certified Golf Conditioning Specialist through the CHEK Institute and Titleist Performance Institute. He has worked with current Europeantour players, England and County players as well as amateurplayers searching for the elusive perfect swing

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Bring your lunch, questions, personal experiences and comments.

Please Note:  Due to space limitations this is a ticketed event. Free tickets available (on a first-come, first-served basis) from: or call on 020 7798 6831

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