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Just for fun – we have a round-up of some of our favourite Pimlico Trivia

Image from creative commons by Elliott Brown

Image from creative commons by Elliott Brown

Celebrity trivia

  • Westminster Boating Base,136 Grosvenor Road, is a charitable trust which teaches water sports to both adults and children. It was here that Angelina Jolie learned to canoe for her role as Lara Croft in the film Tomb Raider
  • Sir Winston Churchill lived in Pimlico for many years and was quoted as describing the area as “the most beautiful in all of London”
  • Laura Ashley started her clothing business empire from her then home in Clarendon Street in Pimlico
  • Actress Vivian Leigh once lived at 54 Eaton Square
  • Mozart wrote his first ever symphony at 180 Ebury Street, at just eight years old.
  • James Bond writer Ian Fleming lived on Ebury Street


TV and Film trivia

  • Pimlico is the setting of the 1940 version of Gaslight
  • The Ealing Comedy ‘Passport to Pimlico‘ was filmed on location in and around the area in 1949 and was nominated for two Oscars in 1950: best British film and best writing story and screenplay
Image from creative commons by Mira66

Image from creative commons by Mira66

 Historic trivia

  • The name “Pimlico” is said to be of foreign derivation and although the exact origin is somewhat disputed, many researchers believe the area to be named after the landlord of a famous local ale house
  • Up until the late 17th century, Pimlico was widely known as both Ebury and The Five Fields
  • The street plan of Pimlico was designed by famous architect Thomas Cubitt in 1825 and includes over 350 grade 2 listed buildings and several grade 2 listed churches
  • In order to provide local residents with economical and reliable heating sources in the post-war era (around 1950), Pimlico became one of the very few regions throughout the whole of England to have its own district heating system installed
Image from creative commons George Redgrave

Image from creative commons George Redgrave

Buildings trivia

  • Millbank prison opened in 1816 and closed in 1890. Until 1867, prisoners sentenced to transportation embarked on their journey to Australia from Pimlico
  • The Morpeth Arms was once frequented by the wardens of Millbank Prison (now the Tate Britain). The tunnels underneath the pub contain old holding cells which are said to haunted
  • During World War II, unlike many other areas in London, Pimlico survived with it’s essential character intact. Although some buildings experienced mild bomb damage, the lack of war factories in the area helped keep it safe
Picture from creative commons Fabio Venni

Image from creative commons Fabio Venni

Travel trivia 

  • Pimlico station is the only station on the Victoria line not to have an interchange with any other tube/rail line
  • Pimlico station opened in 1972, the last station to open on the Victoria line


One Response to “Just for fun – Pimlico Trivia”

  1. Barry Walsh says:

    Enjoyed this enormously and pleased to see someone providing info and fun re Pimlico.
    I hope you won’t mind my pointing out (as a Pimlicoan) that the Morpeth Arms and Millbank Prison are/were definitely not in Pimlico but on the other side of Vauxhall Bridge Road, which used to be know locally as ‘The Tramlines’.

    Some purists would say that the railway into Victoria is the boundary of Pimlico (along with the River and Vauxhall Bridge Road. It follows the stream that once separated Pimlico from Chelsea. This would mean that Pimlico Road leads to Pimlico but isn’t in it. And Eaton Square is in Belgravia: very different to Pimlico!

    Dolphin Square was an iconic place for us as kids and I had friends who delivered papers and milk there. Once known as something like “A haven of gracious living.’ Perhaps your archives could clarify if this was ever featured in your marketing material?

    Best wishes and thanks
    Barry Walsh

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