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It is nearly here, the day you have been training for. You have made it through all those months of training, suffering and lonely long runs where your body was fighting to achieve all the millage necessary to conquer your ultimate target: The London Marathon.


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Here are the top tips from our Personal Trainer and Athletics and Triathlon coach, Juan Garcia, to make sure you make it over the final hurdle.

Before the Race:

1. Rest.

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One week before the race you should taper your training to let your body recover and store the fuel for the race day. Avoid intense training the last week. You may feel too excited to sleep the night before but remember to sleep properly the day before race day.

On the Day:

2. Not Feeling Well on Race Day.

Do not compete if you feel unwell or injured. If you feel like vomiting, have diarrhoea or chest pain DO NOT RACE! The Marathon is a very demanding race and you will need to be able to give 100% to do it.

3. Hydration.

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Sensible fluid intake is imperative. You should start the race adequately hydrated and then drink small amounts as your thirst dictates. However, you should avoid drinking too much fluid before or during the race.

4. Running Clothing.

Use comfortable clothing and running shoes. Avoid trying new clothes or shoes on the big day as they can hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Avoid Chafing.

During the race it is very easy for your skin to get hurt due to rubbing or sweat. Use Vaseline or paraffin to keep your skin smooth in the vulnerable parts of your body like underarms, nipples and groin especially.

6. Pace yourself.

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When you start the race Adrenaline flows on your body and you feel invincible but it doesn’t last for the whole race. Do what you have practiced during your training and pace yourself.

With these tips and your training you will conquer the Marathon.

Image Courtesy of Duncan Rawlinson

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