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Darren Jikiemi, Head Chef at Dolphin Square Bar and Grill gives his 5 top-tips for creating the best burger…

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1)  The Meat – The quality of your burger depends on the the quality of the meat used.  Always select the best you can afford.  To ensure a juicy, delicious burger, it is important to get the ratio of fat to lean meat correct.  It is a well known fact that lean and extra-lean meats make tough, dry burgers.  At Dolphin Square Bar & Grill we think we have found the perfect combination!   The better quality the meat and the more freshly ground it is, the more tender and flavoursome the burger.  Get your butcher to grind the meat for you or for best results, grind your own

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2) The Bun – Is the flavour of the bread compatible with the flavour of the cheese and the burger?  Is the bun too soft that it will fall apart, or too hard that it will crush the burger? Is the bun big enough to hold the burger but not so big that you cant get it all into your mouth? Taking all these questions into account, we ended up using a light brioche bun

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3) The Cheese – The first decision is which type of cheese is best.  This will largely depend on the type of meat and what else you are serving.  We use a mature cheddar as I think this complements the meat perfectly without overpowering it, like blue cheese can.  It is also important that the cheese melts easily, which makes Gruyère a no-no unless grated courtesy of Dvortygirl

4) The fillings –  Lettuce must always be crispy.  Gherkins or pickles are good too, as the acidity cuts through the rich sweetness of the sauce and the bun.    The secret of any good burger is the sauce.  We have created a secret relish that moistens the overall taste perfectly.  The recipe is a closely guarded secret.  However I am happy for you to tell me what ingredients you think I have included?

flickr .com courtesy of Maya83

5) Accompaniments – We serve our burgers with chips.  Dolphin Square Bar & Grill have three different types!  Hand Cut Chunky, Skinny Fries or my favourite Sweet Potato Chips which, in my opinion, brings out the best flavour of the brioche bun courtesy of Martin Cathrae

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