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Michael Smith, a meditation and mindfulness practitioner and teacher with over 30 years experience, is giving an introductory seminar, at Calmer Clinics, Dolphin Square, about the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

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Michael has studied meditation practice in Northern India under many meditation masters and brings his knowledge here to Calmer Clinics.

Every day we encounter situations that cause us stress or emotional disturbance. It often seems that we have little choice over such matters. Yet we do actually choose to become stressed, we choose to become angry, impatient and intolerant. The choice may not necessarily be a conscious one but all the same it is our mind that makes the decisions that determine our actions.

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We fully understand that the body requires exercise, correct nutrition and moderation in eating to be healthy, supple and able to resist disease. Yet we rarely understand that our mind also requires exercise and training to become flexible, calm and content.

Meditation can also be translated as Exercising the Mind or Mind Training. The mind can be likened to a river, the nature of the water is to be clear and pure, yet as the river flows downstream it collects all sorts of impurities to eventually become unclear and muddy. Yet its true nature can once again be restored to clarity and purity, the mud and impurities are not a permanent feature Meditation is like a medicine for the mind, through continued practice it can create spaciousness, clarity, calmness and focus allowing the mind to expand and reduce the impurities of habituated reaction that lead to stress, a sense of dissatisfaction, irritability and anger.

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Mindfulness is the day to day tool that we can use to monitor our thoughts and habits and a method by which we can implement change to allow us to make more rational and clear decisions that will reduce stress and increase our sense of emotional intelligence and stability.

This seminar will introduce the principals of the nature of mind and how meditation and mindfulness can help to make our life more calm and stable.

The seminar is completely secular so anyone of any cultural or religious background can attend.

When: June 5th 2014

What Time: Starting at 7pm

Where: Calmer Clinics, Dolphin Square, SW1V 3LX

How Much: £15.00 per person.

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