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The team at Dolphin Square pride themselves on ensuring the residents within the square are well looked after. One staff member who makes sure she goes the extra mile is Finance Executive, Carole Godfrey, who has worked here since 1976. Carole took some time out of her busy schedule to give us an insight into life within the square.

Carole Godfrey's photos of Dolphin Square

What is it that made you want to stay working here for over 36 years?

It’s just been great working here, the staff are all really nice and I get on well with everyone. I also get on well with the tenants and I know quite a lot of them as I have been here for so long. So I can walk into the shopping arcade and meet a tenant and have a little chat with him or her, so it’s the people really – it’s like the tenants are part of the family, it’s really nice.

There’s been a few occasions where tenants have needed some help so I have gone up in my lunch hour to help them out with their bills. There are some residents who live here who have been here longer than me!

Carole Godfrey   Carole Godfrey, Finance Executive, Dolphin Square

Why do you think these residents have decided to live here for so long?

I think it’s because a lot of the residents get to know each other and they have become a community within the square. You’ve also got everything within the square. You’ve got the shops, the sports and fitness club…everything is at hand.

Do you think Dolphin Square is a good place for international students to live?

I do, because as people get to know each other in the square, they won’t feel like they are on their own…especially when they are living far away from their families.

What is it about the area of SW1 that you like?

This area is safe. Although we are in central London, you get a safe village feeling here.  Everything is local for the residents. I’ve worked here for the past 36 years and I’ve never had any trouble in this area. I used to get the train at half five in the morning and I’ve always felt safe coming here, whatever the time. It’s very private here yet in a central location; it’s like its own little village.

Pimlico by andrewasmith Belgravia by Ewan-M

What is your favourite thing about working here?

My favourite thing is the people. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and want to come to work. The reason I enjoy coming to work is because we get on so well together. (Carole’s daughter now also works at Dolphin Square).

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