Dolphin Square SW1

We love…Back to School

With everyone settling into the new school term, we wanted to get in on the action and use this as an excuse kick-start ours too. A good excuse for a fresh start and an opportunity to instil new working habits and September is the month for change.  We wanted to give you a few ideas […]

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MyShowcase at Dolphin Square

This week, we were lucky enough to meet with Angee, one of the faces behind MyShowcase, a brand aiming to revolutionise the way we shop for beauty products. On Monday, Angee is bringing an array of organic, independent beauty brands into Dolphin Square with a bespoke MyShowcase ‘pop up stall’, giving residents, health club enthusiasts […]

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We love… Indian Summers

Usually at this time of year, we’re all searching our wardrobes trying to decide whether to dust off the winter coat in preparation for the colder mornings.  The leaves are starting to fall, but there is still no need to hide your sunglasses just yet as September is shaping up to be a scorcher! This […]

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Jog on, it’s Autumn

September has arrived, which can only mean one thing, Autumn is upon us. Auburn leaves aren’t the only things hitting the pavements, as the upcoming months will see a stampede of runners gracing the capital. Whether they’re racing novices or a Mo Farah in the making, these enthusiasts defy all weather conditions in pursuit of […]

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Men’s Quick Fitness Fix

Whether they admit it or not – this is the time of the year when men become secretly body conscious, spending hour upon hour pumping iron in the gym in an attempt to craft and tone their bodies. Whether you’re suited to the soothingly calmer side of fitness, or you prefer intensively energetic routines, we […]

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Summer is for Spa-ing

Summer is for Spa-ing, and in the aftermath of a muggy August,  there is no better time than now to offer some tips on how to help our bodies and skin combat the effects of the heat.                               Exfoliating Facials     […]

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