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Step back in time: Shopping at Dolphin Square, Pimlico

Shopping in dolphin square london

When you live in a city, popping to your local shops doesn’t usually mean bumping into familiar faces, seeing smiling shopkeepers and chatting to nice neighbours.

However, one of Dolphin Square’s hidden secrets proves that you don’t need to live in a village in the middle of nowhere to get service with a smile or a traditional local (and convenient) shopping experience.

Fresh Fruit Shopping in Dolphin Square London Shopping in dolphin square london


Dolphin Square’s shopping arcade takes local shops to a new level, if you live here you don’t even have to leave home to grab your essentials.  From buying your fresh fruit and vegetables and your weekend newspaper to picking up a bottle of wine, collecting your dry cleaning and even booking in a haircut, it’s all here within the square’s grounds.

Flower shopping in Dolphin Square Shopping in dolphin square london

Shopping for fresh fruit in Dolphin Square


And if that’s not enough you can also book a holiday and find some last minute Christmas presents too:

Shopping in Dolphin Square Shopping in Dolphin Square

Shopping in Dolphin SquareVintage Shopping in Dolphin Square

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