Dolphin Square SW1


Uniquely stylish and spacious, the Club has over 1,000m2 of carefully-planned floor space.

It features a fully-equipped gymnasium with a mixture of Cybex International & Matrix equipment. All members can access the gym with all our memberships categories. Gym Sweat towels are also complimentary and are available on the gym floor. Membership categories also include a FREE induction and a FREE monthly fitness plan.

The Fitness club offers:

Matrix Collection

  • 10 Matrix T7xe Treadmills
  • 3 Matrix R5x Recumbent Cycles
  • 3 Matrix U5x Upright Cycles
  • 2 Matrix MyRide Cycles
  • 1 Matrix Half Rack

Cybex Collection

  • 8 Arc Trainers
  • Cybex Chest Press
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Press
  • FT360 Cable Machine
  • Seated Leg Curl
  • Bravo Cable Machine
  • Shoulder Press
  • Overhead Press
  • Dipping Station
  • Assisted Pullup machine

Other Equipment & Facilities

  • 5 Rowers
  • 1 Vibro gym
  • X-Cube
  • Smith machine
  • VIPRS X 8
  • Wide Selection Kettlebells
  • Battle ropes
  • Prowler
  • Core bags
  • Medicine Balls
  • TRX
  • Wide selection of Dumbbells up to 50KG
  • Wide selection of Z-Barbells up to 45KG
  • Stretching area
  • 6 Benches
  • 1 Decline Bench

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