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Brian Richmond

Speciality Areas

3D Functional Training

Core, Posture & Sport Training

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation


Hi! My name is Brian, a personal trainer, sport massage therapist and group fitness instructor. Born in Grenada, I first turned my passion for sports into a career at a five star hotel teaching many genre of fitness classes. Certified in personal and group fitness in the US, I moved to London and added sport massage therapy to my skills developing a particular interest in biomechanics. I have worked with many different ages and fitness levels, from being a school PE teacher to working with marathon runners and residents in a retirement home. My 3-Dimensional functional system offers bespoke programs tailored to individual needs.


MOVEMENT! We were designed to move – movement is medicine, it facilitates life, enjoyment, de-stresses, relaxes and promotes wellbeing.
“… looking at the bodyʼs anatomy, none of our muscles run in a straight line. By training 3-dimensionally you avoid training repetitively in one direction preventing injury and optimising the bodyʼs efficiency”


  • Certificate in Sport Massage Therapy
  • ACE Personal Trainer Level 3
  • AFAA Personal Trainer Certification Level 3
  • Gary Grey; Fast Function
  • CHEK Primal Pattern Movement
  • CHEK Program Design - Reps, Sets and Tempo.
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE & AFFA)
Brian Richmond


“Training with Brian has been a revelation. He’s managed, in a friendly and encouraging way, to get me working on, and also thinking about, movement and co-ordination of my total body. Sort of a “Pilates on steroids”
Chris Molden, Dolphin Fitness Club Member

“Brian tailors the programme to my needs. The training is demanding and enjoyable and has significantly improved my fitness and wellbeing.”
Maurice Hochschild; 2012 Dolphin Fitness Club

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