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Future Plans

Welcome to our Consultation Website which gives you up-to-date information about Westbrook’s proposals for the future of Dolphin Square and details of how you can get involved.

These pages explain why we need to update and refurbish the Estate to secure it for the next 100 years and how we are proposing to do so.

Working with Eric Parry and his team, we have created a vision for the Square’s future that is designed to complement and enhance its unique character, whilst also protecting it for the next generation.

We look forward to talking to you about our plans in more detail.

Who are we?

Westbrook Partners have owned Dolphin Square for over 10 years, during which time we have invested approximately £40 million into ongoing repairs to the Estate.

However, we now need to do more than running repairs. We need to upgrade the Square’s plumbing, windows, lifts, heating and wiring.

This is a major investment that we propose to pay for by:

  • Refurbishing and reconfiguring some of the very large existing flats to create more studios, one bed and two bed flats to rent.
  • Building an additional 150 flats and a row of Mews Houses.

We would like to hear your views before we submit a formal planning application to Westminster City Council

Why are we proposing change?

Dolphin Square is 80 years old and as its custodians we have a duty to ensure that it remains a desirable place to live for the next 100 years. This means we must embark on a major refurbishment and development programme to:

  • Modernise the windows, plumbing, electrics and lifts
  • Upgrade the heating and water systems
  • Refurbish the roof

As there are over 1,000 flats, 4 miles of corridors and 7,000 windows this is no simple task.

Our proposals enable us to pay for this work and complete it in a way that is sensitive to the Conservation Area and in keeping with the character and architecture of the Square.

What are we proposing?

  • Refurbish and reconfigure some of the existing very largeflats to create more studios, one-bed and two-bedroom flats
  • Add a storey of additional residential flats to the roof of the remainder of the Estate
  • Extend the garden by one acre by re-provisioning the leisure facilities within the rebuilt Rodney House below ground
  • Build a row of Mews Houses along thewestern carriage way
  • Renew the windows, lifts, plumbing, heating and wiring across the Estate.
  • Rebuild Rodney House to create a more impressive entrance and arrival to Dolphin Square and increase the number of residential flats on levels 1 and 6 to 9, as well as provide additional serviced flats

The Dolphin Square Film

Drop In Exhibition

Following our exhibition in October we will be holding another exhibition in January 2018 to give residents of dolphin square the opportunity to view our more detailed design proposals for the square.

Public Exhibition:

Wednesday 10th January 3pm-7pm Thursday 11th January 3pm-7pm Friday 12th January 3pm-7pm Saturday 13th January 10am-2pm Venue:
The Club Lounge,
Dolphin House,
Chichester Street,

These exhibitions are open to residents of Dolphin Square and tenants of the shopping arcade.

If you are unable to attend the exhibition and would like more information you can contact us on 02039003676 or thefuture@dolphinsquare.co.uk

Information & Downloads

Information about the proposals and presentation material will be uploaded here when they become available.


Please take a look through the questions and answers we have supplied below, and please do contact us directly for any specific questions you may have.

We believe there are a number of areas where Dolphin Square could benefit from a substantial upgrade and refurbishment. This means addressing the inner workings of the buildings, such as the plumbing, heating and water systems to modernise the building for future generations. We are proposing to refurbish all of the existing residential buildings, both internally and externally as part of the works, as well as rebuilding Rodney House (on Chichester Street), which currently houses serviced apartments. We also want to introduce new homes along the Western Carriageway and add rooftop extensions to the existing buildings to the south, west and east of the square. We plan to refurbish all of the communal areas, including lifts, entrances, stairwells and corridors.

This is the start of a lengthy process, involving consultation with residents, and design and planning processes, which Westbrook does not anticipate will finish until 2019. We anticipate that we will be ready to submit a planning application by the end of this year, the earliest that the refurbishment and construction works would start would be 2020. We expect works to take in the region of 5 years.

We expect to refurbish all flats within Dolphin Square. We will speak to Option B tenants individually about their flats and what work will need to take place.

Our plans involve temporarily relocating residents within Dolphin Square during the works. We have more detailed work to do on the relocation strategy subject to gaining planning permission and determining overall project timescales but the intention is to move residents into a comparable size home during the works, unless individual residents request an alternative size, which we would also try to accommodate. We will continue to work with residents and inform them of specific details around timescales at the appropriate time.

All Option B tenants will be able to move back to their current home as per the terms of their lease. Tenants paying market rents (AST tenants) will have the right to remain in the Square, however, as some of the planned works involve reconfiguring the internal layouts of the existing market rent flats, we cannot guarantee return to the same flat.

The pool and gym will need to close for a period of time during construction, however new amenities will be re-provided as part of the new Rodney House development.

Option B tenants have a clause in their leases that entitles them to receive a 50% reduction in their rent if they need to be moved by the Landlord for works to take place. They will therefore receive this reduction. However, we do not anticipate providing concessions to Assured Shorthold Tenants/market rent tenants. We believe that given the size of the Estate (7.5 acres) we will be able to rehouse those tenants who wish to remain during the work.

All Option B tenants will retain their right to return to their original flat at rents stipulated under their current lease. AST residents paying market rents will be offered flats at market rents, as per the market rents at the time of agreeing a new lease.

We will speak with residents on a one-to-one basis to understand individual circumstances. We will work to enable as many residents as possible to stay in the Square while the works are happening, however, residents will of course have the option to leave the square at the end of their lease or not renew their contract.

We are currently exploring the possibility of providing “pop-up” or temporary retail space during the works to enable retail space in the Square during the works to enable retail tenants to continue operating. We will have individual conversations with existing retail tenants about their leases and future plans. Our proposals include increasing the retail presence along Chichester Street to serve both residents and visitors.

It is likely that sections of the garden will be closed for specific periods of time for access and safety reasons, however, there is further work to do to understand the exact impact and timescales for this. Once complete, the garden will be extended by an acre.

Rodney House currently accommodates serviced apartments, for stays from 1-89 nights, as well as the management and lettings offices and amenity and leisure facilities. Rodney House will be completely rebuilt as part of the development to provide new residential accommodation and brand-new leisure facilities.

Contact Us

For any further information about Dolphin Square Future Planning, please contact us below.

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