With summer on its way and the capital’s gardens all set to bloom, our talented horticulturists at Dolphin Square have provided some top DIY gardening tips for aspiring urban gardeners.

Dead Heading: “It is crucial to remove the dead heads of plants as regularly as possible to promote continuous flowering”  says Pritiy Vesuwala, assistant Gardener at Dolphin Square. Dead heading is a simple procedure and keeps plants looking attractive, encouraging more blooms, whether it be in flowerbeds, containers or hanging baskets.

To Stake or Not To Stake: Staking certain plants is an essential gardening task that can prevent the frustrations of seeing beautiful flowers flop over with broken stems and trampled blooms. Jessica Peace, Assistant Gardener at Dolphin Square, advises that it’s worth “staking tall perennials such as delphiniums from the early stages to give them the maximum support” 

“A Tomato Feed is All You Need”: Says Michael Delville, Head Gardener at Dolphin Square. It is the best source of Potassium and contains the nutrients to promote root, shoot and plant growth.

Simple Structure: The key to garden design is structure, and with this in mind Jessica advises it’s best to “place taller plants at the rear end of the plot and the lower plants further forward, this way no plant obstructs the view of another”.

Community Gardens can also be a great place to refine your gardening skills, Pritiy recommends the Dalston Curve Garden, a great place for Londoners to meet and collectively take part in growing an cultivating plants and vegetables.

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