Just like our wardrobes, each season our interiors fall in and out of fashion. We believe that half of making your apartment a home is having fun with trends and infusing your personality into your surroundings. There are a few home trends that are set to greet us in the new year that we’re excited about dressing our living spaces up in.

Millennial Pink

The colour that has been named after a generation has been filling the shelves in all our favourite homeware stores this year. The specialists reckon it will be sticking around a little longer, ceasing to be a statement colour and instead being used as an accent. We’ll be adding a millennial pop with blankets, throws and cushions.

The Wabi-sabi Belief

This Japanese ‘wabi-sabi’ view centres around the ideas of imperfection and impermanence. This is great news for the disorganised amongst us as the rules are: there aren’t any. Mix patterns and gradients of colours, not forgetting some mismatched crockery to create a sense of authenticity. We are all over this trend.


House interior

House plants seem to have always been a strong trend and our homes are no longer complete without them. Be it a vase of flowers of the coveted cacti, every room in our home just has to have one. It is no surprise that our love for plants won’t wilt in the coming year. Not only that but our foliage frenzy will be inspiring the new year’s wallpaper prints and fabrics, the logical next step after our passion for plants it seems.

The Copper Glow

copper pans

This year our homes have been positively beaming thanks to the abundance of copper filling our space. We bid goodbye to stainless steel and sought warmth in a trend that maybe even rivalled marble in the height of its craze. Copper will still hold a place in our tin hearts but brass will also be added to the list. Also, look out for the eventual return of silver, a precious metal which has seemed anything but thanks to the shimmering golds on trend.