What are the benefits of having a housemate?

Beyond splitting the rent, and going halvsies on the loo roll, there are lots of benefits of having a housemate – despite what people may think. Yes, they might scatter the lounge with spare socks, pepper the countertop with crumbs and sing in the shower – even when they’re definitely not Beyonce – but, honestly, having a housemate is more beneficial than you might think. Here’s why:

Shared costs means more choice

A big advantage of having a housemate to share your home with is the benefit of splitting expenses such as those of rent, electricity and gas (and other utilities). Sharing these costs means you’re much more likely to be able to afford a larger apartment.

Making friends in a new city

Okay, so your new housemate might have a not-so-great taste in music, but after a bit of digging, you’re bound to find something you have in common – whether it’s trashy TV, or your love of takeaway pizza (hello, movie nights). Plus, if you get along, chances are you’ll enjoy spending time with their friends, too!  If you’re both new to the area why not head over to meetup.com and find out what local London events are on which meet either yours or their interests, either professionally or personally.  A search on any event platform for activities and meet-ups in London brings back a plethora of results ranging from music concerts, events in the many parks, city bike rides, as well as all the usual tourist type events.  Take a look in The Metro too (if you’re planning on sharing in London) for a huge amount of events listed weekly.

Did someone say, food?

If your new housemate is a good cook, you’ve hit the jackpot. Not only can you split the cost of a food shop (which again loops back to the benefit above of having more choice), but batch cooking for multiple people is a great way of saving time, and money. Find out what tickles their tastebuds, go shopping together, create a wish-list of ‘dream dishes’ and learn how to cook them together – if there’s one thing that makes people click, it’s food.  If you’re planning to share an apartment in London then you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice with eateries galore.  Pimlico alone has a host of restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy brunch or dinner together, with enough choice to eat a different international cuisine every day of the week.

Pimlico food share

A co-pilot for your adventures

Moving into a city like London calls for lots of exploration. From art galleries and the cinema, to parks, pubs and clubs, there’s an endless list of venues to discover, people to meet and shows to see. You don’t have to do it all alone, though. Moving in with a housemate, even if they’re not new to the city, means you have somebody to show you the ropes, or see things for the first time with.  You might even find you become friends for life.  Stranger things have happened.

And if that’s not persuasion enough, at least there’s always a spare key if you get locked out.

Now you’ve considered the benefits of having a housemate why not find out about life at Dolphin Square?

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