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23 Carat Gold Facial and Body Ceremony

All you wanted to know about the ingredients, benefits and traditions of the 23 Carat Gold Facial and Body Ceremony available at The Spa.

The 23 Carat Gold range has been developed by the multi-award winning specialist spa brand, La Sultane de Saba. Their foundling principles closely parallel The Spa’s ethos of brinning the traditional Moroccan wellness and grooming rituals to the modern 21st century audience. La Sultane de Saba is a family-owned French brand – the family are originally from Morocco and therefore many of the beauty secrets have been passed through their direct ancestry from mother to daughter, using precious essences from the mysterious Eastern lands to present the most authentic and effective rituals and highest quality recipes.

With the 23 Carat Gold range, La Sultane de Saba has delved deeper into the treasures of ancient time and brought the cherished virtues of precious gold minerals to enhance beauty and restore a youthful complexion with natural radiance.

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Why 23 Carat Gold?

You might have heard about the 24 Carat Gold treatments before, how are the 23 Carat Gold Facial and Body Ceremony different? The answer to this lies in the form of gold used for these treatments. In order to fully tap the healing and anti-ageing properties of this element, the gold is included in the product in the form of mineral particles. In cosmetics, it is necessary to combine gold with silver to produce gold powder, which results in the 23ct gold particles.

Use of gold partciles enhaces the effects, which include:

  • antioxidant properties which are ten times stronger than hyaluronic acid
  • stimulating the microcirculation
  • reducing wrinkles and fine lines
  • bringing radiance and luminocity to the skin.

23 Carat Gold Facial Ceremony

Harnessing 23-carat gold mineral particles with luscious caviar extract, hyaluronic acid and Mother of Pearl for a powerful, anti-ageing, nourishing treatment which provides the complexion with a surge of vitamins, essential amino-acids and trace elements. Beginning with a cleansing and refining exfoliation to enliven and energise the complexion. A honey balm, enriched with gold pearls and caviar extract, then glides across the face, neck and décolleté for a firming massage, giving particular attention to smoothing the eye contour and neck area. The balm transforms into 3 different textures – from a micro-emulsion, thickening to resemble honey, then into a milky gel, for a unique and purifying professional massage.

Two masks are applied, firstly a pure honey mask providing an abundance of goodness followed by a radiance-enhancing, anti-ageing gold mask whilst a relaxing head and scalp massage encourages the mind to relax and the dreams to flow. Finishing with an anointing the complexion with anti-ageing elixir serum followed by gold moisturiser, combining gold particles with caviar, argan oil and Vitamin E to complete this exceptional facial. This opulent facial smoothes wrinkles, reduces puffiness whilst restoring firmness and luminosity.

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The 23 Carat Gold Face & Body Ceremony

This complete treatment harnesses these most precious ancient wellbeing secrets using 23-carat gold to adorn the face and body restoring a youthful, radiant glow and revitalized soul where you’ll sparkle from within. Beginning with a top-to-toe gold cleansing ritual to restore silky-soft and supple skin. Then melt into a full-body, de-stress massage using precious oils with gold minerals. As your skin absorbs the many skin enhancing treasures, your mind drifts into a state of exceptional relaxation. Whilst cocooned in an envelopment of gold, an in-depth 60min anti-ageing gold Facial is carried out.

This is a complete replenishing, anti-ageing treatment where sheer decadence prevails throughout. You will leave utterly relaxed, with luminous skin that shimmers with youth, health and vitality.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK your 23 Carat Gold Body Ceremony at The Spa in Dolphin Square.

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