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Holistic Spa: Stillness in Motion

We often find ourselves feeling ‘out of sorts’, in other words ‘disconnected’. We might feel mounting stress, but we carry on caught up in the constant busyness of life. Going on like this does nothing for our confidence, and all too often the daily progress through life becomes a chore. Is this vicious circle an inevitable part of our lives? Do only lucky few who are born with special physical or character traits can cope with life’s pressures in a relaxed and calm way?

We do not think so. And here’s why. It is now a widely known and accepted fact that the mind, body and spirit are connected. We are more than just our body; more than just our mind. Whatever we do with and for our bodies affects our emotions, feelings and thoughts, and in the same way, what we think affects our bodies. The link between our emotional state and our wellbeing is a tangible one. We can illustrate it with an example we have witnessed many times ourselves.

Most people who come to a spa do notice a big difference in the way they feel after taking time out to relax and pamper themselves, generally leaving refreshed and revived and ready to take on the world again. Their treatment is a key element of this, but the real secret is that the whole spa journey amounts to more than the sum of its parts. The gently relaxing spa time allows spa-goers to re-establish connection with their inner selves, something that is easily lost in the constant motion of daily life. In this way the physical and emotional experiences interact with each other and positively influence one’s mental state.

But what if you want to deepen this feeling of renewal, and actively cultivate and develop this connection? Then, in our experience, no better way than Yoga exists. Yoga literally means one-ness; a unity within yourself. It establishes a sense of deep-rooted presence within your body, and gives you a chance to find your own rhythm once again. This is achieved through gentle mind-body awareness and through breath. The techniques help you reach a stillness deep within that is unaffected by the chaos of the outside world and bring you back to yourself. Yoga is this, nothing more and nothing less.

The science behind this is that the physicality of Yoga evokes chemical and hormonal response in the body, causing the flood of the ‘happy hormones’ endorphins, and the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. This in turn helps with sleep and improves conditions concerned with the nervous system, including anxiety and stress levels. Apart from enhancing the feeling of wellbeing, reduction of cortisol has longer-lasting positive effects, as this stress hormone is a major contributor in the ageing process.

Yoga powerfully anchors the positive bodily perception of the self, which gives boost to one’s confidence; it also focuses the mind on the present moment – something that is necessary to feeling centered and calm.

Relaxation, purification, positive relationship with your body – these are the principles of the integrated approach wellness adopted by The Spa. In the spirit of this approach we have created a new holistic package, that you can experience starting this September. This package is designed to take the best of both yoga and spa traditions by combining a bespoke yoga session with a deep relaxation experience at The Spa. From the Power Yoga (made famous by Madonna) to the more traditional Hatha Yoga, there are many yoga forms, so there is something to suit everyone.

Please read more about the package HERE or contact our Spa Mentors at or on 020 7798 6767 for a personal recommendation.

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