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The Marathon Des Sables

Each year the toughest runners on Earth compete in the gruelling heat of Sahara in the so-called Sand Marathon. To tackle the challenge of this magnitude, their bodies and physical wellbeing have to be at their peak.

Whatever your personal challenge is this year, whether you are running a Marathon, 5000 miles, or are confronting the daily trials of life, your body deserves to be looked after.

Try our limited time package, which is inspired by the ancient traditions of the desert dwellers, and is specially designed to take care of the strained muscles by relieving muscular tension, encouraging a healthy circulation, and fighting harmful free radicals.

The Warm Up: Salt Infused Steam Room
The salt infused steam room is a hot humid chamber inspired by Arab culture that mimics the benefits of the sea air, producing negative ions to fight destructive free radicals.
It draws out toxins, whilst soothing weary or aching muscles and joints to induce a state of deep relaxation.

Improve Circulation: 55min Massage of Your Choice
Each massage is inspired but the ancient traditions and tailored to your individual needs. A combination of pressures and massage techniques relieve muscular tension and assist lymphatic drainage to help encourage a healthy circulation, leaving you feeling recharged.

Relax: Refreshing Tea Served in Tepidarium
Sip our seasonal blend of the Moroccan Tea in the tranquillity of the heated relaxation lounge.

Only £69.00 per person (£87.50 value)
Book here:
or call us at 020 7798 6767
and you can have this at only £ 119.00 for 2 people (£175.00 value)

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