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The Power of Gold

Untarnished, serene, eternal, gold used to be thought the flesh of gods. People ingested it hoping to feel its mystical properties. Today we know the value of gold beyond the aesthetic: when put to service our well-being, gold can heal.

The healing and anti-aging effects of gold particles are unleashed in the new groundbreaking La Sultane de Saba 23 Carat Gold Facial Ceremony, now available for the first time from The Spa in Dolphin Square.

23 Carat Gold Facial Ceremony

The philosophy behind the package draws heavily on the traditional Moroccan beauty rituals practiced in the harem, fusing the oriental-inspired La Sultane de Saba collection with the unique transporting setting offered by The Spa. Treatment works on all five senses, making you feel bathed in light while the luxurious ingredients including pearl extract, gold particles, caviar extract and prized oils work to give you a luminous complexion. The delicate particles of crushed precious stones and pearls make the scrub glide over your skin leaving it soft and supple. La Sultane de Saba products are formulated in a way that allows skin to absorb the restorative and age-combating properties of the noble ingredients to a dramatic effect. These treasured substances are made to work to enhance your biggest treasure: your well-being.

This summer you have a chance to experience the transformative 23 Carat Gold Facial and Body Ceremony as a part of our enhanced special packages. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

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