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2018 Fitness Trends

With the New Year upon us, it’s time to cull the stale fitness routine we never quite managed to click with, and take on a fresh, new training regime for 2018. We’ve handpicked the fitness trends predicted to make tracks next year, so tie your laces, pick a workout-partner, and choose your class!   Dance classes […]

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With the ever-increasing popularity of sharing workout tips and advice across social media, you will have probably noticed amongst the scores of trends the LISS, or Low Intensity Steady State, workout. Rather than being a high intensity, feel-dead-the-next-day workout, it is a no-strain programme to keep you healthy & happy.   WHAT IS LISS? LISS […]

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FloatFit classes launch at Dolphin Square Fitness Club

Getting on board with a workout in the morning is difficult for the best of us, but getting on board with our new FloatFit classes makes it a little easier. With the launch of our new water workout classes, we set off the starting block with a special press event. From Women’s Health, Healthy for […]

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AquaPhysical at Dolphin Square Fitness Club

Dive into one of the UK’s biggest fitness trends – working out on water. This summer, Dolphin Fitness Club are making a splash with a new breed of exercise, as they launch an exclusive programme of ‘FloatFit’ classes with global, water-based fitness experts, AquaPhysical. What is AquaPhysical? AquaPhysical is based on the belief that working […]

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Three reasons to: Pilates

Pilates is more than just a sweat-inducing, work-your-whole-body, make-you-feel-fantastic kind of workout – for those who practise regularly, pilates is a mind-clearer, an energiser and a stress-reducer. Our Words of Wellness guru finds out what is so special about Pilates and, in light of Stress Awareness Month, why it’s the ideal stress-busting workout. What is […]

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Top five influencer fitness videos

With winter well and truly behind us, we’ve noticed a spring in our step (see what we did there?) and it’s all thanks to the fitness influencers dominating our social media feeds. For years, the glossies have told us how Gwyneth banished her bingo wings and magically transformed into the Iron Woman. Lads, you’ve not been able to […]

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