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5 Reasons why Dolphin Square is perfect for students living abroad

As an international student studying abroad in London, it is essential to feel secure and safe in a welcoming community. Dolphin Square Residences provide exactly that for all guests who choose a Dolphin Square apartment or studio. Below are five reasons why our residences are perfect for the student living abroad.  Location Dolphin Square is […]

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5 commutes that you can do in under in 30 minutes from Pimlico

Every Londoner will tell you that life in the Capital can, at times, become a little hectic. Running from place to place, up and down tube station escalators can be exhausting. With its great connections and central location, residents of Pimlico and Dolphin Square can enjoy quick and easy access to a number of the […]

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An hour with…Wendy Perriam, Dolphin Square’s resident author

Described by the Sunday Times as “a writer of authority and skill, with a wicked ear for conversational quirks”, long-time Dolphin Square resident, Wendy Perriam, is celebrated for her frank-talking novels that tackle, head on, controversial issues such as sex, feminism and religion. An hour with… Wendy Perriam Here, Wendy talks to us about her […]

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