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Dolphin Square’s Top Five Tips on How To Make Your House A Home

From lighting a candle, to creating a space just for you, making a house a home is all about the personal touches that make your living space a joy to be in. Whether it be flowers, a freshly baked cake, a lovely scented candle or freshly brewed coffee, your home should always awaken the senses […]

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‘Time’ to explore London’s attractions

What springs to mind when you think of London? Is it the vibrant red telephone boxes, tantalising afternoon teas or the weather fanatics that never fail to discuss the temperature, come rain or shine? Perhaps it’s Westminster Abbey or even Buckingham Palace? But above all, the harmonious chimes and statuesque figure of the capital’s emblematic […]

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5 Reasons why Dolphin Square is perfect for students living abroad

As an international student studying abroad in London, it is essential to feel secure and safe in a welcoming community. Dolphin Square Residences provide exactly that for all guests who choose a Dolphin Square apartment or studio. Below are five reasons why our residences are perfect for the student living abroad.  Location Dolphin Square is […]

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AquaPhysical at Dolphin Square Fitness Club

Dive into one of the UK’s biggest fitness trends – working out on water. This summer, Dolphin Fitness Club are making a splash with a new breed of exercise, as they launch an exclusive programme of ‘FloatFit’ classes with global, water-based fitness experts, AquaPhysical. What is AquaPhysical? AquaPhysical is based on the belief that working […]

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5 commutes that you can do in under in 30 minutes from Pimlico

Every Londoner will tell you that life in the Capital can, at times, become a little hectic. Running from place to place, up and down tube station escalators can be exhausting. With its great connections and central location, residents of Pimlico and Dolphin Square can enjoy quick and easy access to a number of the […]

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Dolphin Square: A Home Away From Home since 1937

Curated by Gordon Jeeves FRIBA, the architectural grandeur of Dolphin Square has been celebrated for its subtle, art deco charm and attention to detail. Completed in 1937, the imposing structure withstood the Blitz during World War II, protecting residents in what was notably “the largest contained block of flats in Europe”. The revered American travel […]

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